A Non-Profit (501c3) All Cat Rescue Organization Bergen county, New Jersey

Cat Surrender Policy


Unfortunately situations arise that keep you from keeping your cat(s) and a shelter is the last place you want to bring them!  As a all cat rescue we are dedicated to finding great homes for all the cats we care for.  Cats that are surrendered to us are not held in cages, they are kept in foster care until we can place them in the right home. We have a stringent application process and do our best to insure that all cats find permanent homes. 

Our surrender policy requires that your cat has had a recent full veterinary medical exam (in the last 12 months).  We also require that the cat be updated on all vaccines and have proof of a negative blood test (FIV, FLeV).    We need to know the health condition of each cat to insure that  we can not only re-home the cat, but that we can also manage any medical needs they may have.

We are NOT a pubic shelter we receive no public funding.  Therefore, we have a surrender fee based upon the cat's age and health status.  The fee starts at $250 per cat, and may increase based upon the medical needs of the cat (surgical, medical, chronic conditions).  To learn more about surrendering your cat to our rescue organization, please contact us!